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Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies

Working for a great freight transportation company is every OTR or CDL driver’s dream. Those companies offering above average salaries, multiple benefits including health insurance, and loads of home-time. But getting a job at one of these may seem to most like just that, a dream that can never become reality.

We’re here to put your mind at ease. Working at some of the best companies is very possible, and not at all a silly dream to hold on to. We’ve found some of the very best companies you can work for and neatly listed them here. Once you see one you like, you can scan for latest job opportunities on their sites, and apply.

#1 First Student

11 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
Are you looking for something more than just a paycheck? Would a career that has a bit more meaning be something that you would consider? First Student might just be the place for you. The company serves the community by providing safe transportation for students and learners. In essence, and as First Student states it, you will be providing people with access to education. Isn’t that an admirable and rewarding position to hold? The company strives for safety and quality service, as well as encouraging and maintaining a fantastic company culture of care for employees and community.

#2 Ryder

12 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
When driving for Ryder, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they aim to keep their drivers (the heart and soul of the company) happy and healthy with plenty of benefits as well as plenty of time at home. Maintaining a work-life balance is important to the company, as well as seeing their employees happy and succeeding. You will get health insurance, as well as other incentives and bonuses such as a savings plan and a competitive salary. Keep in the know of their latest job openings by visiting their site on a regular basis.

#3 Waste Management

13 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
At WM you will have plenty of growth opportunities, all the while knowing you will be based close to home and never be required to be away for extended periods of time. If family time is important to you, this is a definite must consider career to add to your list. The company also offers employees a whole string of benefits, including comprehensive health insurance and health care services, family care plans including paid vacations and sick leave, as well as financial and educational benefits such as life and death insurance, training programs, and employee discount programs.

#4 Venezia

14 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
Venezia has been in business since 1967and is growing on a daily basis. If you would like to join one of the country’s biggest freight transportation companies, look no further than Venezia. Their employees are well taken care of, and the company offers all employees a comprehensive benefits program that will have your head spinning and wanting to sign up to join immediately. Reap the rewards and benefits like valuable time off to spend with your loved ones, a savings plan, paid leave, health and life insurance to name but a few. You will also be able to earn generous rewards while driving for them, such as personal days earned on a yearly basis.

#5 Premier Transportation

15 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
At Premier Transportation you can expect a premier job, with loads of benefits. Not only will you be enjoying and loving what you do, you will also get health insurance, paid leave, wellness programs, and other incentives that will have you motivated to continue delivering the best service and job you possibly can. The company also offers some of the highest pay packages in the industry, so you will be compensated handsomely, all while enjoying time at home every week. If this sounds like the company for you, be sure to visit their site and apply online today.

#6 Sunoco

16 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
At Sunoco, employees are encouraged to achieve greatness and continually grow in their careers, all while earning a competitive salary and getting fantastic benefits such as health and dental insurance, more than enough time at home. You will also be able to earn handsome rewards if you go the extra mile. If doing a job right, and taking pride in doing so, Sunoco is definitely worth considering as your next spot to apply for an OTR or CDL truck driving job. Their aim is to keep both the customer, as well as employees happy by providing a great work atmosphere that encourages growth.

#7 Cintas

17 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
If you are looking to join one of the largest CDL truck driving fleets in the country, Cintas is definitely your best choice. Not only will you feel immense pride in your work, but the company culture that is driven at Cintas is what really sets them apart. Become part of a team that holds integrity and service delivery in the highest regard, where safety comes first, and partnerships rather than colleagues and employees are valued highest. You will also be offered multiple benefits including health and life insurance, paid vacations, and wellness programs to name but a few. If this sounds like a company and culture you would like to join, be sure to keep an eye on the careers they have available.

#8 Ferrelgas

18 - Our Top 8: Work at Some of The Best CDL or OTR Driving Companies
Another big company you should add to your list of companies to join, Ferrelgas is one of those that you absolutely have to apply for a job. With a whole string of benefits, you won’t be needing more, but it is not only the benefits they offer that is attractive, the company also offers job stability, an environment that is encouraging and work atmosphere that is healthy and an overall happy workforce. You will enjoy benefits such as vision, health, and dental insurance, paid holidays, a retirement plan, incentive programs and rewards to name but a few. Bookmark their site to keep updated with all the latest CDL truck driving jobs they have available.

Are you ready to stop dreaming and start believing? Start working at any of the best CDL or OTR freight transportation companies today, and revel in all the benefits. Not sure any of these has something for you? Try these sites for the latest in job openings at other companies that might be of interest to you. We wish you the best of luck in your job hunt.

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