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Top 10 Reasons That Will Convince You That You Are Destined to be a CDL Truck Driver

Do you get bogged down by the daily grind of sitting in an office from 9-5 each day? Are you looking to shake things up and make a drastic change to your career path? There are loads of ways to do this, and if you can relate to these things, we are pretty sure you can and should be convinced to become a professional OTR or CDL truck driver.

In this article, we will list 10 reasons why you are perfect for the job, and why you should definitely consider getting your CDL qualification and hit the road as soon as possible.

#1 You Love Independence

As a professional truck driver, you will be left to do your job and take initiative in difficult situations on your own. You won’t have someone breathing down your neck the whole day, as you will be on the road, in the truck, for the biggest part of your career. Independence is usually one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people make the switch to a career as a professional truck driver.

#2 You Are a Hard Worker

With all the benefits and perks, it still is hard work and takes a lot of courage, stamina, and independence. If you are someone who takes pride in what you do, are a perfectionist and will always go the extra mile to get things done on time and perfectly, you will make a great truck driver. Some companies may even require you to load and unload the cargo, but apart from that, you will have to be able to push through and make sure you make the drop-off as required.

#3 You Crave Freedom

Truck drivers are essentially very free folk. Free-spirited and essentially not looking for something to keep holding them back. If you feel that your life is lacking this type of freedom, and you wish you could experience the open road and all she has to offer, byways to drive on, highways to travel, you should probably consider a career as a professional truck driver.

#4 You Feel Trapped

The cubicle way of life can get anyone to feel depressed and stuck in a rut. As a professional CDL or over the road truck driver, you will never have to worry about feeling trapped or the dread of the daily grind, that awful 9-5 that you have to comply with. If you feel like the walls are coming towards you half of the time, even when you are at home, being a truck driver is probably the best option for you.

#5 You Need More Benefits

Truck drivers are believed to be poor. This is not true. Freight transportation companies take good care of their truck drivers, and offer company benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, paid leave and holidays, and time at home every week, to name but a few. Other companies also offer incentives for driving safely and other programs such as health programs.

#6 You Crave Growth

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you do decide to change careers, you’ll have to be comfortable with the thought of starting at the bottom of the trenches. This should be no problem though, as you will be able to work your way up the ranks as you go along, at a fairly quick rate (increases in pay and promotions in the industry can take as little as a couple of months to be implemented). You will also be able to move around within the industry. If you wish to drive another vehicle, simply get an endorsement, if you wish to become an instructor, you will be able to do so.

#7 You Need a Stable Job

Job stability is a big deal, especially in these extremely tough times. As a truck driver, you will be enjoying one of the most secure jobs in the country. The industry is growing exponentially annually, and you will never have to worry about the possibility of retrenchment. There is also always a need for new truck drivers, so you won’t have any trouble finding a job in the first place.

#8 You Want to Earn More

Even though it might not seem like much at first, truck drivers to earn a lot of money, and it also has the fastest growth rate than in any other industry. As a new, entry-level truck driver, you will be able to earn up to $55 000 per year only after the first couple of months. Some companies even offer paychecks up to $70 000 and more.

#9 You Love Travelling and Exploring

If you are a sucker for exploring the country and traveling around, but you have never had the chance to do so, becoming a professional truck driver will give you the best opportunity to travel and see different parts of our beautiful country. Depending on which company you work for of course, and what qualification you have, you will probably be required to drive long distances across state lines and borders.

#10 You Want to Meet New People

Working alongside some of the country’s best will enable you to get in touch with some of the most interesting people and peers than working in any other industry. Not only will you be making new friends frequently, you will be able to build and nurture new friendships with the people you meet on the road, fellow truck drivers as well as your colleagues.

Now, that you know for sure that professional truck driving is the best new career path for you, where are you going to start? The best starting point would probably be to visit your nearest DMV to get your CDL learner’s permit. Then, you should start looking at driving schools or freight transportation companies who offer training and get your license. This process can take as little as 5 weeks, and what’s more, you will be able to start making money within 10 short weeks. We wish you all the best on your new adventure, happy, and safe travels.Here’s an article on the best OTR and CDL truck driving jobs in the country to get you started.

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