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Top 10 Truck Driving Schools in The US That Won’t Charge You and Aid You in Becoming a Great Truck Driver

So, you’ve got your learner’s permit, and now the actual work to get your CDL qualification is about to start. But where should you begin? Should you go to a CDL truck driver training school? Or should you just apply at one of the top companies and get your training in-house?

You have endless options on whether you pay for your training, or get free in-house training at some of the best freight transportation companies in the country. Whichever option suits you best, of course, but you also have to ensure that you get sufficient practical training to ensure you are able to pass your skills test for your CDL with flying colors. In this article, we take you through some of the country’s best driving schools where you will be able to get training from professional and expert tutors who have on-the-job experience. Let’s jump right in.

1. JTL Truck Driver Training

At JTL Truck Driver Training, you will be tutored by trainers with more than 30 years’ experience in the freight transportation industry, and some of them have even more hands-on experience in driving themselves. Learn from the best while working towards a great new adventure in becoming a professional truck driver. The material, practice tests, and friendly trainers all add up to assisting you in getting your CDL A license.

2. Keystone Diesel

Be trained by professionals when joining Keystone Diesel and benefit from their added service to help you get your dream truck driving job easily after you have completed your training and received your CDL license and qualification. As a student, you will also have direct access to a wide range of job opportunities, whether entry-level or other. The classes aim to get you right to the top of your truck driving career.

3. Yuma Truck Driving School

At Yuma, students can enjoy flexible training and class hours, so whether you will be able to attend morning, afternoon, or evening classes, you are ensured of a spot and an expert trainer. Their classes are smaller than others, ensuring that each student gets the assistance and level of attention they need to ensure their own success. The school also offers tuition assistance, as well as help with landing a job once you are qualified.

4. All-State Career

Surely one of the biggest and most popular trucks driving training schools out there, All-State offers students a comprehensive and holistic approach to obtaining their qualification. You can rely on All-State for training that is on par with industry standards, as they also offer training programs to some of the biggest freight transportation companies in the country. The school will also assist students with landing a job once they are qualified CDL drivers.

5. Utah Trucking Academy

What we love about Utah Trucking Academy most, is the fact that they are not only a truck driving school but also a placement center. Where other driving schools may offer assistance in being placed after getting qualified, Utah Trucking Academy fully functions as both a driving school and as a placement assistant. Training provided is comprehensive and covers all aspects of CDL driving, in theory, and practice. You can’t go wrong if you choose Utah Trucking Academy as your training institute.

6. Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

At Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, you will be able to get the training you need to succeed as a professional CDL truck driver. This driving school also offers placement assistance, which means you won’t be left to your own devices once you get qualified, but they will help you in finding a job that is a perfect fit for you. Not enough money to join a school now? Not to worry. Phoenix Truck Driving Institute also offers financial aid to those who cannot pay the full amount upfront.

7. McCann School of Business & Technology

McCann School of Business & Technology offers those seeking training and the qualification to become a professional CDL Class A truck driver the necessary tools and courses to ensure a successful outcome. You will receive your training from experienced truck drivers who have on-hand knowledge and experience of working on the job. Combined with atheory on trip planning, driving laws, and driving techniques, this is a great driving school option.

8. Diesel Driving Academy

This top-rated driving school will not only equip you with the necessary tools and skills to succeed as a CDL truck driver but also offers financial aid if you are not able to pay your tuition. The DDA also offers assistance in placement and boasts a string of the biggest freight transportation companies that have hired previous students who qualified with them.

9.Del Mar College

When you attend Del Mar College, you will be able to get your CDL class A or B license in a short period of just under 3 weeks. Amazing, right? You might think that you will only attend classes and won’t learn anything on the road, but this is not the case. Tutors have experienced CDL truck drivers, and you will receive plenty of practical training while completing the course as well. Once you have your license and qualification, you can expect being hired by some of the biggest freight transportation companies in the states.

10.Commercial Driver Training

Get the best CDL training from one of the best driving schools when you join CDT. You will have access to a wide range of courses and programs, be taught by industry experts who have years of experience on the road, and be able to walk into a great job as a qualified CDL truck driver once you complete your course.

Now that you have access to some of the best truck driving training schools, you really don’t have any excuses to sit and wait around for better days or your learner’s permit to expire. Keep in mind that it will only stay valid for a certain time, after which you would have to start the whole process from scratch. We hope that the schools we have listed here are on your own list of options to join and that you will be more than ready to pass your skills test once you have completed your training.

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