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The 9 Best Companies That Offer Paid Internships or In-House Training and Make You Want to Succeed

If you are thinking about joining the guys and gals who are heroes of the road, delivering all our consumerist needs day in and day out, you should definitely read this article. As you should know, becoming a professional truck driver takes dedication, stamina, but you will also need the necessary qualification to make sure you are able to get the job done. Now, there are loads of reliable truck driving schools out there, and most of them even have the added benefit of helping you get placed in a fulfilling truck driving position, but what if you can get training right at the source?

Of course, this will make things a whole lot easier, right? We are here to put your mind at ease and assure you that it is possible and that a lot of the bigger freight transportation companies out there actually do offer this benefit to new drivers. In this post, we discover ten of the best companies that will afford you all the necessary training you need to become a professional truck driver. Let’s dig in.

1. Stevens Transport

At this mega freight transportation company, delivering a service of the highest quality is the number one priority on their list. As a new driver, you will receive in-house training, at your own cost, but you will be reimbursed once you have received your qualification and you are a fully licensed CDL truck driver. The company offers a lot of benefits, so you should really look into the possibility of joining this impressive team.

2. CRST International

Work and earn while doing your training, fully paid and taken care of by CRST International. The company will ensure you get your CDL qualification, but in return, you will be expected to offer your professional services to them for at least 8 months. Not a bad deal, when you take into account that you will be working alongside a dedicated team of professional truck drivers or even your loved one. Keep in mind that you would have to pay the tuition of training back to the company, and you will earn a little less as a beginner starting out.

3. USA Truck

At USA Truck you will be able to get your CDL qualification and start work immediately. You will, however, be expected to pay off your tuition while there, and if you leave the company before one year after being employed, you need to settle the full amount. If you stay, you will get a bit of a discount. The massive company offers loads of benefits though, and we doubt that you would want to leave!

4. Roehl

This is probably one of the best options for on-the-job training – not only will Roehl pay for your tuition, but if you stay with them for longer than a year, you won’t have to pay them back! Ifhowever, you leave before that time, you need to pay for the training. You will earn while you get your CDL qualification, and while you complete training. The process takes about 7 weeks in total, but after that, you will be a qualified professional truck driver and you will be able to earn up to $50 000 annually after a short nine months.

5. Knight Transportation

Whether you want to drive dry van, refrigeration, or port and rail, you will love joining the Knight team. Receive training in-house while earning your way to the top. Get training from expert drivers in practical situations while you pick-up and deliver goods. Knight Transportation is definitely worth checking out as you are able to step into a job once you have completed your training with them.

6. Swift Transportation

Get expert training and be guaranteed of a job once you get your CDL qualification with Swift Transportation. Even though you have to take responsibility for the tuition of your training, you will be reimbursed for the full amount if you continue working for them for a period longer than 2 years. Starting paychecks might seem lower, but you will be able to move up and build on a long-term career when joining Swift.

7. PAM Transport

PAM offers newbies a range of benefits, you are able to complete CDL training with them, while they pay for your tuition. Once you have completed the necessary training, consider yourself hired and part of the team. One of the perks of working for PAM includes more time at home, which is one of the things a lot of truck drivers insist on having. You won’t have to pay your tuition unless you leave before your contract expires.

8. Prime Inc.

Get training from experienced and expert OTR and CDL truck drivers while on the job, busy with pick-ups and deliveries when you sign up at Prime Inc.’s CDL training courses. You won’t have to pay for training or getting your qualification, and, the company offers what is considered some of the most rewarding earning possibilities in the freight transportation industry.

9. Frozen Food Express

While training at FFE, you won’t have to worry about your tuition, at all. The company sponsors your in-house training completely, so no matter what, your training is covered when joining FFE. This freight transportation company is considered to be one of the best for anyone to join – but you will be expected to do some of the heavy lifting and unloading too. Not to worry, this labor will be added to your paycheck. Another thing to keep in mind is that permanent, as well as regional jobs, will only be available to you after you have been with the company for a longer period than 3 or 6 months. It is however still worth it.

Now that you are ready and have all the information you need on getting qualified, training and set in a career that will literally take you places, where will you begin? Which one of these companies look like the one you would want to join? We hope that our list has helped you and that you will get your dream job in a jiffy. For an interesting read on the best companies to work for, head over here.

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