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Earn More by Applying for One of the Top Ten Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs

As with anything in life, there is no real ‘get rich quick’ scheme that is plausible, and you would have to work your way up through the ranks to increase your income. Don’t let this discourage you,however, as you are still able to earn a great deal when you start working at any of the top ten highest paying truck driving jobs, even if it means you have to gain some experience first.

That is the great thing about truck driving, income is mostly based on experience, and you are more than likely to build up your experience within a couple of months. In this post, we highlight some of the best paying OTR or CDL truck driving jobs in the states.

#1 Professional CDL Truck Driving Instructor

As a professional trainer, you will be able to work normal business hours while still living your passion for driving. These positions are ideal for those experienced hands looking to retire or just start living at a slower pace, and still earn handsomely. Another benefit of becoming an instructor is, of course, the fact that you won’t have to spend umpteen hours on the road and deal with dangerous driving situations or weather conditions.

#2 Mining Truck Driver

Perhaps a job for those who are a bit younger and looking to increase their earning capacity dramatically while putting in long hours. A lot of new truck drivers forget about the fact that mines are ideal places to look for a job, as they are in constant need of goods being transported from one point to the next, whether it is dirt, oil or coal. Even though the hours are tough, it is still worth it as you will earn more than average.

#3 Over the Road Truck Driving

OTR driving involves doing the long hauls which means longer periods away from home, and also the possibility to earn much more than the average rate. Unfortunately, you will have to have some experience in truck driving, and you must also be older than 21.

#4 Professional Headhunter

Not to mount on your wall, of course. As a professional headhunter, you will have to have more than a couple of years’ experience as a professional OTR or CDL truck driver at freight transportation companies as you will have to be able to place and match the right candidate with the best freight transportation company. Having on-the-job experience means you will have a keen eye for good drivers, and also earn more.

#5 Ice Road Truck Driver

Driving a truck in ice and snow can be considered as a very dangerous job. If you decide you would like to specialize, get some experience and be an ice road truck driver, you won’t have a full-time job or be busy throughout the year. You will, however, be paid handsomely, earning up to at least $75 000 per year.

#6 Tanker Truck Driver

Another more dangerous type of truck driving job, as instead of transporting dry or refrigerated goods that are stable, you will be transporting products, produce and the like in liquid form. This has a direct influence on driving ability and those who go to the trouble to get a tanker CDL endorsement on their CDL license are pleasantly rewarded with an above average income.

#7 Vehicle Truck Driver

Also referred to as car haulers, these jobs offer great salaries to those who have the necessary skills and experience to handle a giant load of vehicles. As this specific job is very specialized, it is also very rare, but worth the effort getting into as those making use of this service will be the big guns and even sports car manufacturers, which implies you will be paid handsomely.

#8 Driving in Teams

As a truck driving team earnings are double and split between those in the team. These jobs are great for getting that little bit extra while not overtaxing yourself in long hauls. Drivers are able to take turns to sleep, which means jobs can get done in half the time it would take only one driver. What’s great about these jobs is some of the companies offering training insist on coupling up with someone, so you will be able to earn good money almost straight away.

#9 Hazardous Materials Driver

This also falls underneath the tanker category, with a twist. Instead of just transporting fluids like dairy or water, you will be driving hazardous materials such as fuel, oil, gas,and others. In order for you to become a hazmat truck driver, you would actually need to get an endorsement. Driving hazardous materials is not something that a lot of truck drivers do, as you do need to have CDL as well as certain endorsements to ensure you are capable of doing the job. This inadvertently also implies that you will be able to earn much more, as this is a specialized field.

#10 Bulk Load Driver

These drivers cash in the big bucks, but they also have to do a little bit more than the average OTR truck driver. Since oversized or bulk loads are not allowed to be driven at a certain time, your driving time is limited which means you will take longer to get the job done. You will also be required to load and unload and do a little bit extra work. But, when you take into account that the pay is much more rewarding than standard OTR or CDL truck driving jobs, it is definitely worth looking into. You won’t even have to have an endorsement on your CDL license to get started.

And that is a wrap. We hope that you enjoyed our list of the top ten highest paying truck driving jobs you can do and that you may consider doing any of these featured on our list. While some are more geared towards more experienced and older truck drivers, as a young driver with a little experience, you are still able to give your income a bit of a bump. Not sure where to get started looking for a great paying job? Check out this site, or read our article on how to find a great paying truck driving job.

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