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10 Top Tips on How to Find the Perfect CDL or OTR Truck Driving Job Today

Looking to join the pack of amazing and dedicated truck driving men and women in the country but not sure where to start? Finding a job is always a little bit of a schlep. First, you have to scan through multiple listings to see which ads actually grab your attention, and which offer the most competitive salary and benefits. Then, you have to apply for the job, which means you would need a resume to send to them. If you are selected as a potential candidate, then you might be called in for an interview.

It is a bit of a tedious process, we agree. But let’s make it a little bit easier by giving you some nifty tips to get you through the first and most time-consuming part of the process. In this article, we will walk you through different tips of the trade on how and where to look for the best OTR or CDL truck driving jobs.

1. Cast a Wider Net

To increase your chances, and also to broaden your horizons a bit, why not look for truck driving job opportunities in other countries? You can easily do so by a simple Google search, and who knows, perhaps your next top-dollar job will be somewhere unexpected like Ireland for instance. If you’ve been focusing on jobs that are in your area, you can even consider applying for national jobs.

2. Manual Job Search

There is nothing wrong with looking for jobs the ‘old fashioned way’ and scanning local newspapers or classifieds for available positions. Be sure to buy the paper every morning, make it a fun new ritual, even if you are not on the job hunt. Get the morning paper, have a cup of joe, and scan the classifieds to see what is available out there.

3. Sign Up at Job Sites

Never underestimate the power of general job sites – top companies will always broaden their search for top candidates by using all advertising platforms at their disposal to list new job openings. Whether you prefer indeed, craigslist, or any other site that lists jobs, be sure to create an account and set up alerts to receive notifications when a job opening with your requirements become available.

4. Networking Like a Player

Some people are great at networking and using their connections to land some of the best jobs out there. Some people are better at just sticking to applying for jobs. If you fall in the latter category, you’d better start getting your game face on and learn how to network. If you have a wide connection base, you will always be first to know about new openings at other companies. Socialize while out on the road and keep your ear close to the ground, fellow truck drivers will more than likely know about all the latest jobs.

5. Bulletin Board Blues

Well, it shouldn’t be ‘blues’ really, but yes, make a point thereof to scan each and every truck stop bulletin board you notice and take note of any jobs advertised here. A lot of times freight transportation companies will advertise new openings at these boards because they know this is one of the most efficient ways to reach potential employees – at the source!

6. Interacting with Forums and Blogs

A lot of truck driving forums and blogs will always have a careers page or section where the latest job listings from some of the best freight transportation companies will be listed. Be sure to sign up at these forums, and follow them religiously to get all the latest news and access to the latest and best job listings as they become available.

7. Endorsements are Great

Some freight transportation companies may require that you have certain endorsements on your CDL license. If you apply for an endorsement, you may well increase your chances of landing that top-paying job at that company you have always wanted to join. Be sure to do your homework and see which companies are hiring drivers with whichever endorsement before applying.

8. Don’t be Afraid to Start Fresh

If you are willing to cut back a bit on pay and start with an entry-level job, you will be able to work your way up. Especially if you are looking to join a specific freight transportation company and they are offering entry-level jobs. The rewards you will earn in the long-term will surely be worth the wait and the hard work at the end of the day.

9. Join an Association

If you are not already a member of your State’s truck driving association, be sure to join them immediately! These associations are usually a great source of the latest in truck driving jobs that are available in your state of residence specifically. This means instant access to some of the best jobs at the biggest freight transportation companies.

10. Subscribe to Truck Driving Jobs Websites

A lot of online truck driver recruiters have very nifty and user-friendly websites where you are able to easily upload your resume and create a profile. Once a job with your requirements become available, you should get a notification and you are able to apply online instantly. A lot of the bigger freight transportation companies will also make use of these recruiters’ services, so you are guaranteed to find something that would suit your specific needs.

Now that you are kitted with the tools to find the best OTR and CDL truck driving jobs out there, are you ready to get started on your job hunt expedition? We hope our top tips have been helpful, and that you will find the perfect job while using them. Be sure to read our post on the best truck driving companies to work for here.

Job searching is not the most pleasant task to do, and some would even go so far to say that it is a fulltime job. As a final tip, we would like you to remind you to always keep your resume fresh and updated, and never lose sight of these platforms. You never know when the next best opportunity will be available.

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